Love Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Love comes in all shapes and sizes: Love of your family, love of country, love of travel, love of the touch of a beautiful piece of silk. One day, I saw love on the shelf at the museum shop: a Mielie Handmade bag from South Africa.  A new passion was born. My name is Yvette Jenkins and I am the founder of Love Travels Imports: a Detroit Social Enterprise connecting artisans in underprivileged communities and their handmade accessories with fashionable and socially conscience consumers. My mission is bring a fair trade, handmade option to female consumers who want to make a sustainable, ethical buying decisions based on colors, themes and supporting fair wages to artisans.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world, largely women, participate in the artisan sector.  Behind agriculture, artisan activity is the second largest employer and in the developing world, often the primary means of income.

 Our goal is to make a positive difference in local and global communities; help artisans and their families improve the quality of their lives; and make a better world.

Our business model will focus on eCommerce and retail pop-up.