Love Travels Imports

Love Travels Imports sells artisan goods that journey from across the world, from South Africa, Guatemala, Peru and Haiti, to a curation destination of Detroit, Michigan.

Our principle is to offer high-quality crafts through fair trade in developing areas of the world. Every good began a journey far away, and traveled great distances to the hands of a Love Travels. Imports. customer. Behind every item is a story of why its beauty caught the eye of the founder during her visits to South Africa, Guatemala, Peru, and Haiti.

Our mission is to bring to others a love of handcrafted art, love of the sustainable Earth, and a love of helping our neighbors. These works of art connect distant peoples and cultures, in ways only a Love Travels Import can.

Tribal Hand Print Pillow Covers.jpg
The name “Love Travels. Imports” is derived from many things... my love of travel... exploration... the earth... and, most importantly, my love of others and the meaningful impact we can have on people’s lives.

— Yvette Jenkins, Founder