Why Fair Trade?

When you choose to purchase Fair Trade products, you are endorsing an economic system that provides opportunities for producers to lift themselves out of poverty. Fair Trade provides assurances to consumers that producers are paid fair prices for their products and labor. It gives them more direct market access which removes many of the “middle-men” who traditionally have absorbed the majority of the profits. In addition, Fair Trade provides a set of requirements that assure consumers that strict standards have been met to protect the environment, build economic sustainability, empower women, and allow opportunities for education, poverty alleviation, and health care.

 Fair Trade looks to create tremendous, positive, and long-term impact for artisans and farmers while delivering great products to the public.

 When consumers choose high quality and affordable clothing, coffee, food, furniture, chocolate, home décor, house wares, jewelry, tea, bananas, toys, personal accessories, spices, and many other products that are Fair Trade Certified or sold by members of the Fair Trade Federation, children’s school fees are paid; nutritional needs are met; health care costs are covered; the poor – especially women – are empowered; the environmental impact of production, sourcing, and transport is mitigated to the fullest extent possible; and, much more. Such an impact is created, because Fair Trade approaches development as a holistic process.

 To learn more about what Fair Trade products are on the market, visit Fair Trade USA’s ‘Products‘ page, the Fair Trade Federation’s ‘Member Directory‘ page and Fair for Life’s ‘Operators’ page.