The Why Behind The Business of Love Travels. Imports.

Why business? Why this business? Good question.


Adversity and challenges have taught me resilience, goal setting, and a figure it out mindset.


Losing my loving, caring mother to mental illness at an early age taught me the importance of:

Love by action, not just by word.

Love by observation, then action.

Love wasn’t just about me, it was about being there for those I feel responsible for: family, friends, and my extended family of all the other human beings who don’t have a voice or advocate who can speak for them.


This journey has been challenging one.

Not every person can speak his or her truth. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have the words to express it. It’s in their actions.


It is finding the raw materials and painstakingly crafting them into yarn or thread.

Using traditional methods taught to them by their mother, aunt or father, uncle.


Or taught to them by a caring individual motivated by a passion for helping people.


Perhaps a Peace Corp Volunteer, like Natalie, who encouraged their artistry, supported their gathering together and introduced them to a world beyond their borders that finds value in their creations.


Sometimes someone like Adri who has flair for design and wanted to help other women get beyond generational poverty by creating jobs.


At 17, I took my first trip on an airplane, alone; to visit family I hadn’t yet met. Being a child of the Midwest, New York City was an exotic, strange but fascinating place. People spoke with an accent and live with an intensity that was new to me. It encouraged a curiosity about other places and a desire to see them often. I love history, art and creativity. To me history is about people, places and their experiences in those places.


Every year, I was determined to travel as often as I could and see and experience all the different rhythms and energies that each place uniquely offers.


During those trips, I would have to find something of that place; made in that place; filled with the energy and spirit of the place to share as a love gift for my sisters.


Over time, I started to notice that it was becoming harder to find quality craftsmanship and locally made products which represent the place. It took more effort but it was worth it. It became like a treasure hunt.


On every trip, I wander around picking up the energy; searching; exploring; talking to people; and listening to their stories. I visit the studios, workshops and gathering places. I want to know more about them, their energy, and their “whys” for creating. I want to share all of this with you. Love meeting love.